Myself a senior citizen of 70 Yrs .My profession is doctor, a senior Radiologist, working 9AM-7 PM ,6 days a week . I’ve no financial constraint but time constraint . I believe in equation that Happiness= Resources of the world/ One’s own need. I have no financial aim of my writings. Regarding my writings, I’ve to virtually steal the time in between. I’ve keen interest in travel review writing and on many different aspects of life.My dashboard of activity speaks about my writings.             , I’m top level 6 writer with 78 badges .I’ve written 110 travel reviews and 691 photos ,earned 32644 point with more than 210000 readership round the world and also earned 984 helpful popularity votes.Got many high appreciation letters about my writing and photography.                                                – Written, 118 travel reviews ,5804 points and level 7 star Guide,posted 658 photos and got 25,01700 views .Google Map team has given high appreciation letter after 20.00000 views.I’ve also written on, 40 reviews and more than 40000 readerships.                           The aim of my website ,which is combination of Travel Prone + Proactive My writings will be centered round Travel prolife, that is Travel reviews, blogs, Traveling universe and Traveling peoples ,who contributed lot to this world,s progress .In its 2nd part,I’ll be writing on Proactive peoples and life,Human personality, behaviour,Health ,our consciousness, Origin of God and religions., spirituality ,superstitions. and many more.        To end with , I can say that, the germ of writing is inside me, something is simmering  but paucity of time is my greatest hurdle. I expect you to further refine my travel and blog writing abilities. Thank you very much for patient reading of my story.                                                          Satish Tripathi



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