2aJaneshwar Mishra park is the largest park cum garden of Asia region and is constructed o the pattern of Hyde park of London . It is sprawling in an area of 376 Acres, situated in the Gomati Nagar region of the Lucknow, and is pride of the city. Its architectural pattern is very unique and eye catching. It was inaugurated by, then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadava and Sri Mulayam Singh Yadava ,his father and MP on 5th August 2014 and opened for the public. Named after Samajwadi Leader Sri Janeshwar Mishra ,whose towering statue is placed in the centre of this park , and can be viewed from all part of the of this park. Opening time is 5AM till 8 PM, all the days and Entrance ticket is Rs.10/-per person. This park is multipurpose and complete in all the respects with sufficient parking spaces at four places. From its main gate it looks as arched monument and placed at a height. One Battles tank is placed on either side of the gate, provide it magnificence. Just after the entrance there is vast walking area, from where one can have panoramic view of entire Park. On right side of the park is placed a Mig 21 Indian fighter plane, in take off position, and is the site of great attraction after the main, central statue. Central area of the park is encircled by an artificial lake and spring fountain at places with bridges across it, which adds to its beauty and charm. There are three Children playing areas in this park and an open gymnasium. Walking pathways are dotted with palm trees .There is a synthetic jogging ground also. Besides it has .Sports ground, an amphitheater, speaker’s podium and a public meeting place. Butterfly and rose garden .There is vast area of pine tree grove also, which gives a feeling as you are walking around some hill station. There is an cafeteria inside, serving snacks .coffee and cold drink. Walking in this park is very pleasing and refreshing and impels one to come here again and again. No doubt it is a great boon for this city, as it is very echo-friendly and anti-pollutant .Satish Tripathi Gorakhpur

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