This garden was inaugurated by, then, Visionary Vice Chancellor of B H U, Prof Lalji Singh on 10th July  1994 and its name was given Madhuban ,a Freestyle Udyan , as engraved on its inauguration stone.  . Progressive pre-thought about this free style garden would have been that, its disciplined students should be given some vent to express their feelings about affection, creation, performing arts, sculpture and a place for free-lance talking and freedom of speech in a very natural green and clean ambiance. With this view in mind, this garden was created.                                 Its name Madhuban is synonym of Nidhivan of Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna  performed  Ras-Leela with His Gopicas. That is why it is swarmed with many modern Radhas and Krishnas .Second thing that PDA (Public  Display of Affection) is very common in western and European countries .But in our country there is some moral restrictions about it, so this Garden fulfills this purpose on local basis. Display of affection is accepted norm in this Garden. That is why, besides cross section of visitors,                                    it is an Eden-Garden  for love-birds and young romancing couples ,may be offending to some moralistic visitors.                                                      Located at a distance of about 10 Kms from the Varanasi junction railway station, it is inside BHU campus, just on other side of the College of Nursing.  OPENING TME – is 5 AM to 6 PM.  In the morning it is filled with morning-walkers and, peoples doing yoga. Many performers do rehearsal of their play and dancing practice. In the noon and evening it is filled with youngsters and romancing couples besides peoples of all ages. Park has a walking lane at the periphery .A podium /dais for open air performance and meetings. Durga-puja festival is celebrated here with great pomp and show.                                        Madhuban Gosthis are famous and its dates are advertised in social Medias .STATUES- I saw three freestyle statues inside garden .Tallest one is that of a Venus, with her head bent on one side as if talking to someone, as touted by someone that this statue was created by its sculpture-artist in the memory of his girlfriend. Another statue is that of women, sculpted in modern-art style. Next unique statue is that of a male and female figure in embracing pose. So the atmosphere of this park truly justifies its name and is Eden Garden for romancing peoples, who have eaten forbidden fruit.        There is a small lotus pond at the eastern side of the garden, having few lotus flowers but many empty water bottles thrown by rowdy visitors, making it a garbage pond.                                 There are two Nescafe canteens serving yummy coffee and eatables like maggy pasta and few others .But its ambiance is very shabby and unclean. Broken benches with dogs roaming side by side visitors and rubbish below the benches is today’s picture. Dustbins of this garden are weeping  on its condition ,that instead of  using it ,rubbish is being thrown  around it.BHU administration as well students and visitors of this garden should make a note of it and co-operate in cleaning and maintaining this beautiful freestyle Madhuban Garden. Since foreign tourists also be visiting it, what impression they’ll carry to their country about the gentry of this university. Overall it’s a beautiful green Eden garden and asset to this university. Satish Tripathi Gorakhpur                                                                                         

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