Humming is a very simple and effective way to health ,happiness and singing.

Health benifits are

I- It lowers and regulates blood pressure as well as decreases heart rate, thus good for heart health .2-It is also helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.3- It increases the level of Nitric oxide in the body, which is involved in host of benifits 4-Vibration increases the circulation in the brain thus improves brain health and helpful in preventing dementia and Alzeimers disease. 5- It icreases immunity level of the body thus prevents from respiratory infections. 6- sinus health -It improves and clears the secretions of nasal passages and sinuses thus prevents sinusitis with improved breathing .6-Lyphatic circulation- improves cirulation in the lymphatic channnels of the body -thus eliminates intercellular body wastes and allergens from the body.Prevent from infection and chronic illnesses .


Happiness is also the outcome of regular humming , It, reduces stress level and induces calmness, and promotes sound sleep .It lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Produces feel good neurotransmitters endorfin ,Dopamin and love hormone Oxytocin

Besides producing melatoniwestward journey circadian cycle. sleep disturbance melatonin , it releases endorphins, creates new neural pathways in the brain- Neuroplasticity .Humming has an spritual aspect also used in yoga .Its role in many world traditions, such as chanting of Om, Aum, in Hindu and Tibetan traditions.


Humming is very good for singing . It’s warm up and relaxes the muscles of vocal cord invo;ved in speaking and singing. It clears nasal voice and hoarseness of throat. Thus you can speak and sing clearly. Your voice becomes sweeter and melodius.

Thus humming is simple and best technique to improve your Physical and mental health. It also increases imunity level and improves your singing skill.

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