Life is a journey with its definite destination as Death.


First of all ,I relate life an death by this flower pot, which has birth of a bud, then blooming, full sparkling flower, wilching and eventually death. So our life is a journey, between birth and death. Infant, toddler, adolescent,grown ups,senior ones are it’s stations. But train of life only slows down, it never halt. Once it start, its terminal point is death. .We can only feel the importance of life in contrast of death. Most of us live in this blissful ignorance that while death will come to others, somehow we’ll continue to live forever. And with this notion we become haughty and waste most of our valuable life time,running after, money, prestige, power and position, instead of enjoying life. There is also no guarantee that we’ll live upto our full life spans of say eighty or more years. There are many snakes like road, train, plane accidents, flood, earthquake. tornado, sunami ,terrorists, in the life game of snake and ladder. .So the best policy is to live in the present moment and enjoy our life ,which is gradually slipping from our hand. Satish Tripathi