Life is a journey with its definite destination-Death.

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My website travelprolife consists of three parts. Travelpro+Proactive+life.I’ve already written about first two.Now I’m writing about its third one-Life.

Although life start the day, fetus is formed in the womb but life clock starts ticking the day child is born and stops at the death point.We live in between.This can be described as B-L-D cycle.

Most of the people take life as granted. They live in a blissful ignorance that while death will come to others, they’ll somehow continue to live forever.It leads to Mad-run.

Mad Run-starts for obtaining money, prestige, power and position. They become inflicted with the disease called “Effluenzomania. That is to say they want to become rich-richer-richest.Their foot is on the accelator to achieve it.

As Sir Bertrand Russel Nobel laureate and great philosopher had said-“Man wastes most part of his life running after the money and not enjoying the best of life.

Understanding death becomes more important , in order to live a meaningful life. Because then we start realising that -Life is very short ,unpredictable and efemeral.So we must Love it and live it fully.

Quotes below depicts, what you’ll start thinking when you understand the importance of short life dictum. Satish Tripathi

Author: sctri48
Myself a doctor. I write reviews, blogs and interesting posts on travel, life, motivation, know yourself, your body, health including mental health, diet, universe and many more. I'm topmost review writer and photographer at trip and at Google map, where my photographs have got more than 12 million views. Satish Tripathi

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    1. Thanks for visiting and appreciating my site.I believe in hard facts and truth .Most of the people are living in this world, like an Ostrich.They ignore this hard fact of life, that death is our ultimate destiny.They live in a blissful ignorance that although people are dying but somehow they’ll continue live forever. I’m a self sufficient doctor and have no aim to earn from my site .So whether people subscibe or not hardly matters for me.Just read and enjoy.

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