Myths word derives its name from the Greek word Methos which has a wide range of meanings. Myth has existed in every society and culture and since they developed cognitive abilities.

Myths narrate about something , or some story in a very unique and fantastic way without any factual basis. The word myth has become synonymous with falsehood or misconception.

Mythology relates to the group of stories belonging to some specific religion and cultural traditions.It explains the practices or beliefs of that society. Legends -These are traditional stories of various cultures, passed down through many generations.  They are stories orally described or a narrative of human actions. They are usually old but are believed to have taken place within human history. Legends are often passed on by word of mouth. It has often been transformed over time to keep them realistic. Contains some facts,which have been exaggerated in due course of time. Many weird and unbelieable elements were added to i. It has some basis in history and geography.

EXAMPLE OF MYTH –A common myth is that if you watch a cat crossing the road,its supposed to be inauspicious. Wait for some time till somebody or a vehicle passes before you. Then you can move safely. This is a purely myth, as it is not based on any solid evidence. There is another, very common myth that No 13 is unlucky but it is lucky for me because my son was born on 13th January.

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LEGEND EXAMPLES –  It’s related mostly to very famous and admired people or incidences in the past, by a lot of people,are related to a certain period and hence they are legends. Robin Hood, Ali Baba 40 thieves ,Yeti, etc,


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