Humming is a very simple and effective way to health ,happiness and singing.

Health benifits are

I- It lowers and regulates blood pressure as well as decreases heart rate, thus good for heart health .2-It is also helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.3- It increases the level of Nitric oxide in the body, which is involved in host of benifits 4-Vibration increases the circulation in the brain thus improves brain health and helpful in preventing dementia and Alzeimers disease. 5- It icreases immunity level of the body thus prevents from respiratory infections. 6- sinus health -It improves and clears the secretions of nasal passages and sinuses thus prevents sinusitis with improved breathing .6-Lyphatic circulation- improves cirulation in the lymphatic channnels of the body -thus eliminates intercellular body wastes and allergens from the body.Prevent from infection and chronic illnesses .


Happiness is also the outcome of regular humming , It, reduces stress level and induces calmness, and promotes sound sleep .It lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Produces feel good neurotransmitters endorfin ,Dopamin and love hormone Oxytocin

Besides producing melatoniwestward journey circadian cycle. sleep disturbance melatonin , it releases endorphins, creates new neural pathways in the brain- Neuroplasticity .Humming has an spritual aspect also used in yoga .Its role in many world traditions, such as chanting of Om, Aum, in Hindu and Tibetan traditions.


Humming is very good for singing . It’s warm up and relaxes the muscles of vocal cord invo;ved in speaking and singing. It clears nasal voice and hoarseness of throat. Thus you can speak and sing clearly. Your voice becomes sweeter and melodius.

Thus humming is simple and best technique to improve your Physical and mental health. It also increases imunity level and improves your singing skill.

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VISUALIZATION – A PRO VISION – TO SEE THE TARGET ,CLEARLY AND BEFOREHAND and ACCMALISH IT . Visualization is a technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message. It is through visual imagery ,which has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas As per Wikipedia

These mental images will direct, to become more focused and proactive in your aim.

Visualization is a imagination process to reach one’s goal and dream. It utilizes the power of subconcious mind with concious thought or goals to achieve the aim. Brain is filled with immense possibilities .It depends upon how to expolit or fullfill , desire and dreams.

Through visualization, images are created in the mind with the purpose to achieve some target and to accompalish it.Through this one can look back in the memory lane or visualize the future outcome.We can divide it into Pro-Vision or Past -vision.In pro-vision we see try to see the future oucome.,while in post ,past events are assessed.

VISUALIZATION PROCESS – 1-Choose a peaceful ,undisturbing place and time . Best time is early in the morning but alternatively it could be any place were noise and disturbance is minimum.2- Imagining about the goal to be achieved– Step by step visualise whole process and recreate in the mind ,reaching at the end point of success. Make the images and whole process ,vivid and vibrant by applying all the senses and emotions .3-Final Outcome– Do it repeatedly till it is deeply ingrained in the mind. Then path of sucess will be an automated process .

DATAVISUALIZATION Data visualization, It is used for planning a project or projected outcome of an event .All the data are presented in the form of chart , graphs ,curves or in infrographic forms.It may be 1-short term, instant ,as during a cricket match . A projected outcome of the score is shown on the panel ,considering the performance of the teams.2- Long term-Here one can watch long term outcome of a project with its probable profit or loss. All the important factors are taken into account .


Satish Tripathi sctri48

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Excercise– is an activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. According to Wikipeda –Exercise is a body activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons, to aid growth and improve strength, develop muscles and the cardiovascular system. According to Britanica -exercise is the training of the body to improve its function and enhance fitness.

We have come from the hunter gatherer societies of the human.They use to walk and and run long distances for hunting.Women use to gather nuts from many places and store it for the future consumption .In this way genes of our body were modified to work hard ,in order to remain fit and survive . Sedentary life style is opposite to the human nature.Contrary to this, modern life style coform to minimum physical activity routine pattern ,which is root cause of many of the diseases.

Hunter gatherer sociities

EXCERCISE INTENSITY -Simply put it can be categorised into three parts 1- Mild physical activity 2- moderate physical 3- Vigorous physical activity. According to Wikipedia– Exercise intensity refers to how much energy is expended when exercising. Perceived intensity varies with each person. It has been found that intensity has an effect on what fuel the body uses and what kind of adaptations the body makes after exercise. Intensity is the amount of physical power (expressed as a percentage of the maximal oxygen consumption) that the body uses when performing an activity. For example, exercise intensity defines how hard the body has to work to walk a mile in 20 minutes

According to MAYO CLI NIC -When exercising, one is working hard or hardly working? Exercising at the correct intensity can help you , get the most out of the physical activity .Even small amounts of physical activitivities are helpful, and accumulated activity throughout the day, adds up to provide health benefits.

TYPE OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – As per Mayo Clinic Recommendations 1 Aerobic activity. Get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity — such as brisk walking, swimming or mowing the lawn — or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity — such as running or aerobic dancing. One can also do a combination of moderate and vigorous activity. 2- Strength training. Do strength training for all major muscle groups at least twice a week. Consider free weights, weight machines or activities that use own body exercise intensity must generally be at a moderate or vigorous level for maximum benefit. For weight loss, the more intense or longer your activity, the more calories you burn.

Risk of strenuous Exercise– Although excercise is benifical but strenuous exercise has its own drawbacks. It may cause – 1- musculoskeletal injuries. 2-Cardiovascular events like sudden Heart attack/ Crdiac arrest. This can happen even in young person- -Recently many such incidences are being reported among young peoples, collapsing after vigorous excercise or other such activites. Special Precautions Every exercise program should be started in gradual manner, in three stages 1 -warming up then -2- flow of exercise and finally 3 – slowing down. Typical exercise program or brisk walking should start with at least 5-10 Mnts warming up .This process increases blood flow in the muscles and joints, making them flexible to move easily. You must not suddenly stop ,but slow down ,at least for 5 Mnts.

BENIFIT OF EXERCISE – Regular exercise has host of benfits. New York University NeuroscientistDr Wendy Suzuki has great passion for the study of excercise and brain health .According to her research, Risk of Dementia can be reduced to 30% ,Just by walking 30 Mnts Per day for most of the days of the week. It is due to a phenomenon of the brain known as neuroplasticity-That is regenerttion of neurons. Neuroplasticity also increases due to production of BDNFBrain derived neurofactor,which is increased during execise. Besides, it improves mood, better for sleep and sex life.


Satish Tripathi


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Radiation is an energy transmission, which has electric-magnetic waves .We all are exposed to radiation in day today life. Examples are sun, emitting ultaviolet rays infrared , microwave ovens. Mobile ,Transmission tower and background radiations or cosmic rays Xrays and Gama rays. Radiation risk depends upon it wave length and penetratibility. Broader the waves ,lesser is penetration . Smaller waves have stronger power and penetration

TYPES OF RADIAION It is mainly divided into two parts 1- Non-Ionising Radiation ,which is lower energy radiation, not enough poweful to seperate electrons from any atoms or molecules, in matter or living organisms. Its energy can make the molecules vibrate and produce heat, like microwave ovens . 2- Ionising Radiation carries more more energy than non-ionsing and they can ionize the atoms and molecules and break their bonding .It can detach electrons from atoms or molecules, which causes changes at the atomic level . Such changes usually involve the production of ions.That is why it is called ionizing radiation.


Radiation from Mobile Mobile has now become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. In fact it is now one’s identity and means of communication , bank, entertainment, diary and what not. Be aware that it is also a continuous source of radiation. Although it is of very low grade radiation. Although mobile’s short time use is insignificant.But it’s long time use has cummulative effect and is definitely harmful to the body. Harmful effects of Mobile radiation are. Headache, stress ,fatigue ,disturbed sleep, insomnia, compromised immunity, memory loss, fertility problems. Higher doses may cause mental problems and even cancer.

Test your Mobile’s radiation level by dialing *#07#.It’ll tells SAR/mobile radiation value. 1.6W/Kg is the maximum threshold value of radiation level. It should be below 1.6Watt/Kg.If it’s more than that, change your mobile phone or take necessary steps .

In high doses, ionizing radiation can damage or kill cells ,cause mutation in the organs in the body or even cause death. This kind of radiation has many beneficial uses, such as in energy production, in industry, in research and in medical diagnostics and treatment of various diseases, such as cancer.

Radiation Dose Limit


  • 1-In MEDICAL FIELD Used extensively as diagnotic tools , as Xrays of the body parts and In CT scans ,Radioisotope study ,PET SCAN. Therapeutic uses are in treating cancers. Thanks to radiation, 2- For Production of Power – By Nuclear power palnts Energy: radiation allows us to produce electricity as nuclear energy.
  • 3-In Industry and ScienceIndustry and science: with nuclear techniques based on radiation, scientists can examine objects from the past or produce materials with superior characteristics in, for instance, the car industry. uses
  • 4-In Packaging of syringes and surgical materials like cather canula are directly strilized after packing ,by high dose radiation.
  • 5-In Food Processing industry – To irradiate packaged food materials , fruits and vegetable to, prevent them from infection and rotting. . Radiation is thus a two way sword .What a irony , It can cause cancer ,It can treat cancer

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Dreaming is about formation of images ,incidences ,visual ,audio or sensory,during sleep. A bizarre story or short plays are created by random connection of different experiences and episodes .It could be funny , scary or puzzling.

DREAMING is the language of subconscious mind. During awakened state , conscious brain is busy in processing ,day-to-day activities and problems. It hardly gets time to relax and refresh. During sleep ,subconscious mind takes upperhand .It reprocesses, thoughts and conscious activities of the day. In this process, it generates random and vivid dreams. Dreaming may be physiological or randam . it could be towards certain ambitions to achieve money ,prestige power and position, known as Lucid dreaming.


BASIC FACTS ABOUT DREAMING. 1 -Most of the the stories and episodes of the dreaming are forgotten , just after rising , about 95% .We hardly remember part of it 2-Dreaming occurs approx 4-6 times during REM sleep cycle ,per day 3- lasts about 5 to 30 minutes. BRAIN DURING DREAMING Both the lobes of the brain are active during the dreams, from the brain stem to the cortex. Most of the dreams occur during REM Sleep (rapid eye movement) phase of the sleep cycle. According to a Harvard University study, dreaming may synchronize all recently learned memories, improving it ,and thus boosting overall performance. In a research study, it was found that when you’re in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage, melatonin releases a substance called vasotocin, which helps your brain to erase memories while you’re dreaming. It’s during this time of your sleep cycle ,when you have the kind of vivid dreams that you remember most.

MEN AND WOMEN DREAM DIFFRENTLY. Men mostly dream about Aggression, physical activities, sports ,sex. Women most often dream about emotion , love, affection or rejection. Their second most common dreams are about clothes or jeweleries.

PURPOSE OF DREAMING– 1 Relaxes brain and refreshes it 2- Memory consolidation 3-A Vent for supressed desires.3-Processing of day-to-day activities and deletion of unwanted facts. 4-Also helpful in balancing body hormones and neurotransmitters.

DREAM THEMES Although dreams are mostly unique and random but most common themes may be. Nightmare themes 1-Being chased by someone 2-Falling somewhere or from stairs. 3-Arriving late in office or examination hall. 4-Attacked by someone 5-Being naked before someone or in public.6-Falling of teeth or hair 7-Unable to find toilet. . Happy Themes 1-Finding money or gold. 2-Meeting with loved ones or old close or dear ,friends relations . Nightmares Dreams can be triggered by many factors, like Stress or anxiety. Sometime problems of daily life, home or school, may trigger nightmares or the death of a loved one, can have the same effect.

LUCID DREAMS This type of dream occurs in the REM cycle of the sleep .Dreamer is aware t about his dream. He has also some controll over this dreaming process. According to research, Lucid dream is and activity of Prefrontal cortex of the brain. Sometimes it can be induced also .It is done with the purpose of fulfilling some ambition, overcoming fears and for the purpose of psycothearpy.

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Change is the law of nature. It’s universal and progressive.Universe started just from a single small ball ,by the greatest phenomenon of BIG BANG .It occured about 13.5 billion years ago ,and transformed into this vast universe ,which is continuously changing and expanding. Life started as single cell , some 4.5 million years ago and multiplied into 3 trillian cells to form the human body. The day one is born, journey of life start ticking toward its end .Passes through the stations of childhood, adolescence, adult, elderly and finally to death. JFK Kennedy had said “Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” Greek philosopher Heraclitus had said that “Change is the only constant in life .” he said, “Everything changes and nothing remains still; and you cannot step twice into the same stream.”


Father of evolutionery biology and writer of world famous book Origin of Species was Charles Darwin. He had emphasized that best developed and longest survived species were those ,who were adaptable to change.

Change proactive people changed world

Let us see what visionery writers have sad about Change

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” – Gail Sheehy.

“Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” – Charles Kettering.

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.” – Stephen Hawking.

“A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” – Winston Churchill.

The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions.” – James Russell Lowell

In fact change about ” Learning ,unlearning and relearning as Alvin Toffler had said.

4 Powerful Habits That Will Change Your Life – Go to this link to know, how to change oneself , because it is the first step.

Change is the law of nature .our planet and Universe is changing continuously.We should accept ,adapt to the changes for betterment . Satish Tripathi sctri48

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Fat and Cholesterol are essential component of your body .Its main functions are to produce energy and store it for future use. Protects the brain, maintains cell wall and it’s growth, keeps much needed cholesterol in balance. Needed for the absorption of Vitamin A D and E (fat soluble vitamins). Cholesterol in the brain is involved in the communication process for neurotransmitters, mainly dopamine and serotonin. Myelin sheath of the neuron is made up of it. This fatty covering provides a protective coating on neurons to increase the brain’s processing speed and conduction.

Fat and cholesterol are different in a way, that, Fats are mainly taken by the dietary sources, whereas Cholesterol are mainly produced from the liver and intestines.

Fats are divided as Good / healthy fats and Bad/ or disease causing fats.

Good Fats -They are called good , because of lowering the heart disease and stroke risks. It lowers the bad Cholesterol LDL level-notorious for depositing in arteries and causing plaque formation. It increases the level of heart-friendly HDL cholesterol. They are Monosaturated fats and Poly-unsaturated fats. Example are vegetable oil like olive and canola sunflower, soy and fish oils. Besides pumpkin, seasame oils also come in this category. Chart below depicts about the Good , Bad or very bad fats .


Cholesterol is needed to make vitamin D, hormones testosterone and estrogen) . In fact, Liver and intestines make about 80% of the cholesterol to make you healthy. Too low levels of good cholesterol might lead to heart disease and stroke .Both the LDL and HDL kinds are needed in to balance its level.


Total Cholesterol level should be under 200 ,Between 200-239 is borderline high , whereas over 240 is high .HDL ( Good) Cholesterol desirable is 50 or above .Under 40 it is low for men and under 50 low for the women.LDL (Bad type) should be below 130 , 130-159 is borderline high whereas above 160 is high and above 190 is very high. Triglycerides- should be below 160 as normal, 160-199 marginally high. 200-400 is high and above 600 is considered very high and risky.

FAT Cholesterol
MYTH ABOUT FAT  Fat: the facts.

Satish Tripathi sctri48

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BMR-Basal Metabolic Rate and BMI- Body Mass Index are Parameters of Health and Obesity

BMRBasal Metabolic Rate is the parameter of health and obesity.It signifies the minimum amount of calorie/ energy needed for the body to sustain your life,while at physical and mental rest . Even when you are at rest ,body systems are continuously working. Like ,heart is pumping blood to maintain ciculation .Lung is taking oxygen inside and exaling Co2 outside to make your blood pure and usable for the body. Kidney is filtering waste materials and reabsrbing back , filtered blood. Neurons are continuously firing and nerve impulses are conducting to other neurons . Liver is busy in digesting ,storing through enzymes ,in order to digest your food. They are absorbing materials needed for energy through Carbohydrate ,Fat and Protein metabolisms .All these functions require minimal or Basal amount of energy . This basic amount of enery is measured in Kilojoules and calculated acccording to body requirements at different stages of bodily activities . Normal Values of BMR -Adult Man 1600 Calories per day is needed -Adult women is 1400 Calories per day -Approx 15 % + – of these values may be taken as normal. If metabolism is increasedyou will burn more calories at rest and during activity. A high metabolism means you’ll need to take in more calories to maintain your same weight. Weight Loss -Higher the BMR ,it is easier to burn unwanted calories to reduce the weight .When the BMR is lower then less calories are burned and rest is stored as fat and your weight is increased .

Below is the chart by which one can calculate Basal Netabolic rate . It is by Harris Benedicts formula.

Basal Metabolic rate
Basal metabolic rate

BODY MASS INDEX CALCULATOR — You can calculate your Current BMR by following link

INCH CALCULATOR —– Inch Calculator


1. Age. BMR is  Highest in Children , Higher in adult and Lowest  in Older persons .         2Sex . Men have higher basal metabolic rate than women  metabolisms than women. 3Type of body – There are three types of bodies .Thinner- Ectomorphic , Moderate- Mesomorphic and Bulky – Endomorphic.- Having highest BMR  – because they have larger organs and fluid volume to maintain .4-Muscular body –Muscular tissue need more energy to maintain them than fat so they have higher BMR . 5. Genetic preference –. Some families have higher, BMR than others  because of their  genetic configuration .                                    6- Physical activity -Exercise increases  the BMR, muscular activity burns more killojoules  of energy . 7. Hormonal factors. –  Hyperthyroidism increases BMR while hypothyroidism decreases  it.  8. Environmental factors.  Hot or cold weather increases  the BMR.                                                                         Plan calories intake according to your target- Whether to decrese the weight, as in obesity ,Maintain your weight or to increase it.

BMR and Calories

BMI- BODY MASS INDEX – It is a paremeter which tells ,whether You are normal. underweight or overweight. It determines your risk factors for diseases. (BMI) PARAMETERS -If BMI of less than 18.5 means a person is underweight. -If BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 is ideaL -If BMI of between 25 and 29.9 is overweight. – Increased risk of diseases -If BMI over 30 indicates obesity. -Severe risk of diseases -If it is Above 40 – Very severe risk of diseases Satish Tripathi sctri48

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Probiotics are about, friendly and health providing bacterias, mostly found in the gut and skin . You must be wondering to know that Bacteria and that too ,health friendly. But it’s a fact that human body harbour approx 100 trillion bacterias in the gut and on the skin surface of the body. Most of them are health-friendly and neutralize the disease causing bacterias to keep us disease free. Whenever their ratio is altered in the form of reduced health friendly bacteria, we get various diseases.

What are the Health friendly Bacterias ? They are found on the skin durfaces and mainly in the large bowel. I’ll focus mainly on the Gut bacterias They are Lactobacilli .

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus.- Good for diarrhoea Acne and Vaginal health
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus.-They support gastrointetinal system and eczema.
  • Lactobacillus plantarum- They reduce inflammatory process .
  • Beides there are other friendly bacteias like. Bacillus coagulans .Lactococcus lactis.Escerichai Coli.

PROBIOTICS BENIFIT.-1 Maintains and balances digestive system ,therby controlls – constipation or diarrhoea. 2 -Replenishes the defficiency of good bacteria causesd by antibiotics or by the diseases 3. Anti inflammatory property thus minimizes any type of bowel discomfort 4- lowers the absorption of ingested fatty food and excretes it in faeces ,therby contolls obesity. 5 -Boosts immune response of the body. 6- Also balances mental health and reduces anxiety and depression. 7- Protect against allergy ,specially gluten and lactose . 8 – Maintains healthy skin and hairs. 9–It controlls eczema on the skin surfaces. 10-Also contolls the fungal infections of the vagina and keep it healthy. 11- Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

FACTORS REDUCING FRIENDLY BACTERIAS – 1 -Various diseases 2- Use of Antibiotics. 3- Over / long term medications 4- Stress and Anxiety 5 – Smoking and over Alcohol consumption. 6- High Sugar diet 7 -Sedentary habit and lack of excericse 8-Disturbed or Poor sleep quality 9- Junk foods ,Processed food / refined products. 10 Gluten or lacose allergy.

NAURAL SOURCES OF PROBILTCS; 1 – Yogurt / Curd 2 – Kefir -A dairy product 3 -Butter milk 4 All the fermented products 5-Paneer 6 Cheese – 7- Kambucha ( Femented black tee) 8-Indian food like Idli Dosa ,Dhokla ,Kadhi etc. 9-Pickles. 10-Apple Cedar Vineger . All the fermented foods or other things contain lot of it.


PREBIOTICS – Subastances that boosts the effect of probiotics or fortify the growth of health friendly bacterias .They are mostly in fibre forms .They serves as food / medium for probiotics. Examples are Bananas, Apples.Oat ,soyabeans .Onions , barley ,Aspargus etc.

SUPPLEMENTS-There are many drug supplement in capsules form containing mainly lactobacilus in units or combinations of Prebiotics and Probiotics or Minerals.and Vitamins .

With the above facts, it is evident that Probiotics are health-friendly bacterias . Its balance must be maintained in the body to keep body disease free and healthy. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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ALLERGY is disliking and reaction of your body towards some substances .It means that a paticular substance which is unharmful to many peoples may be harmful to you or rejected by your system .There is no uniform code of it .Every body has his own specific and different kind of allergy. Something may be suitable to one person , but same thing may cause allergy to other one. About 10 % population of the world are suffering from one or other kind of allergy.

Definition– Allergy is an harmful immune response to normally harmless substances. It is caused by a trigger agent or allergen known as antigen . Person’s immune system may react to the substances which are generally harmless to most of the peoples at large .

Allergens are substances,which can sensitize the body in such a way that a unique unusual response occurs in hypersenstive persons. RESPONSE TO ALLERGENS -Body may react to it externally, like sneezing, coughing or rashes on the body. It may effect internally – causing hypersensitive reaction of Respiratory system in the form of cough and asthmatic attacks ,Gastro-intestinal system -As nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea or colicy pain. Vascular systemas anaphylactic shock and collapse.


EFFECT OF INHALED ALLERGENS like pollen and other air born substances.

These allergens release histamine ,which cause swelling of the mucous lining of the nose to produce more mucus and inflammation. It also causes the nose to run and itch, with violent sneezing .Eyes may start watering .One may develop sore throat also. Asthmatic attacks may be triggered . 

EFFECT OF INGESTED ALLERGENS May be milk eggs or sea-foods ,wheat gluten ,some nuts etc

Common foods causing allergy are, peanuts, seafood, milk and eggs. Cow’s milk allergy in infants may occur , may cause eczema, , colic and gastric upset. Some people cannot digest lactose (milk sugar). Lactose intolerance causes Gastric upsets.


Skin problems that can be triggered by allergy include atopic dermatitis (eczema) and urticaria (hives), Rossy spots ,oedema etc.

SEASONAL ALLERGY -Every season can be a allergy season for someone ,depending upon which one you are allergic to . In fact most of the people including myself are allergic to cold and damp weather.These peoples get bouts of allergic bronchitis ,shore throat or running of nose .


‘I’m allergic to my husband’ – BBC News Jan-2017 — ‘I’m allergic to my husband‘ … Twenty-nine-year-old Johanna Watkins from Minnesota cannot kiss her husband Scott, or even spend time in the same room. . It was a case of mast cell activation syndrome ,where mast cells which are protective to the body ,mutate and start attacking own body cells. It may result in sneezing ,coughing or life threatening anaphylactic shock. Similar was , another case in which wife was allergic to the sweat of her husband.When her husband hugged her and sweated she ,started sneezing coughing and body rashes.

Allergy is a widespread hypersensitive phenomenon,triggered by some allergen.There is no uniform code regarding this. In fact ,anybody may be allergic to anything, which is otherwise unharmful to others. Allergic reactions may be very mild to sever, life-threatening ,anaphylactic shock and death. So please be careful and try to find allergens to your body and avoid it or take proper precautionary measures. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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