Social health means, establishing healthy and supportive relationships with family, friends and peoples of society around you. It goes a long way in creating bonding, trust with each other and supporting  at difficult times.

HEALTH. According to WHO definition – “Health is not only the absence of diseases and affirmity but is a state of physical, mental and social wellbing.” Most of the time , we focus on our physical and mental health and neglect social health. For the last two years, corona pandemic has affected social health adversely. Instead of closeness, everyone is compelled to maintain social distancing.

 IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL HEALTH Many pioneering research suggests that strong social bonding is linked to a longer life. Contrary to this, loneliness and social isolation result in poorer health, depression, and increased risk of early death. Studies also show that having a variety of social relationships may help to reduce stress, cardiac diseases and stroke. In this way people create a healthy and positive interpersonal relationships with one another. Social health is the way, how people interact with other peoples of the the society at large. It consists in showing respect towards others ,having empathy ,supporting and encouraging others and also asking for help when needed. 

MAN IS A SOCIAL ANIMAL -Greek Philosopher Aristotle had said -” Man is a social animal .He who lives without society is either a beast or God “. In fact a person living in isolation cant’t learn and behave according to the norms of civilized society. He learns the sociable and supporting qualties only by interacting with the peoples living in that society. Living in harmony with the society comes under the perview of social ettiquettes.

social health
social health

DETRMAINANTS OF SOCIAL HEALTH – There are many factors which determines the prospect of good social health .They are good education and health care facility in that area. Its neighbourhood and envirnment are another important factors.Society and community should not be exposed to any kind of criminal and violence activities.transport facility and economic stabilty should be well established.

social health family picnic
socail health family picnic

Having healthy relation involves good communication, empathy, and care for family, friends and colleagues. It also increases feel good neurotransmitters ,which makes you happier. Being self-centered and remain alone has some ill effects on health, causing stress and depression which may lead threat to self and others. Satish Tripathi


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MIRACLE NEUROPROTEIN-BDNF-Brain Derived Neuro Factor, Vital for learning ,memory and preventing dementia.

Miracle neuroprotein BDNF-Brain derived neuro factor really works wonder for the brain. Until 1980, it was believed that brain cells-neuron, after reaching its maximum numbers, start degenerating. They do’nt grow again by any means. But now it is an established fact that miracle neuroprotein BDNF cause neurogenesis. That is to say formation of new synapses and dendrites.

Miracle Neuro-protein BDNF

Miracle neuroprotein BDNF is an important protein produced in the body that helps protect neurons and plays a key role in memory. Dr. John Ratey Neuropsychiatrist from Harvrard gave it the nickname “Miracle-Gro for the brain” because when scientists put BDNF on nerve cells, they begin to sprout.It protects and  repair the neurons from injury and degeneration  .                                                                                                                                                  HOW TO INCREASE MIRACLE NEUROPROTEIN -BDNF 1-EXERCISE –Exercise is the fastest and most effective way to boost BDNF levels, and improve learning, memory and mood due to increase in BDNF level – It Causes  synaptic Plasticity and neurogenesis-Cognitive and mood improvement  and prevention of neuro-degenerative diseases. If you’re not already in the habit of exercising, one of the best ways to increase your BDNF levels may be to simply move and stretch .Exercise increases BDNF immediately, the results appear to be better when you exercise regularly. Air quality index AQI of that area is very important for BDNF level-multiple studies have found that unlike people who exercise in clean air, those who exercise in air pollution ,such as jogging or cycling in viscinity of heavy traffic , don’t experience the increase in BDNF levels . . Wendy Suzuki is Professor of Neural Science and Psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University. Her major research is in brain plasticity and how aerobic exercise can improve learning and memory . Excercise causes growth/neurogenesis of Prefrontal lobe and Hippocampus part of the brain ,which plays major roll in learning and long term memory formation. 2-BY EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHT –Besides synthesis of Vitamin D in the bones ,sunlight is very crucial in increasing the level of BDNF in the brain and spina canal. 3-CALORIC RESTRICTION AND INTERMITANT FASTING.-increase BDNF and neuroplasticity. They will keep you mentally sharper and alert by raising adrenaline and altering ketosis level. 4-CHEWING  stimulates the hippocampal complex, which helps to maintain its functioning and support BDNF levels. If you’re not eating crunchy food like vegetables, nuts, or tubers, then chewing gum may be another option . 5. Drink Coffee and Take Coffee Berry Supplements to increase BDNF level. 6.To increase miracle neuroprotein- Consume a High-Protein Diet -Eating plenty of high-quality protein can help your brain stay healthy as you age .One reason is that amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are necessary for the production of neurotransmitters–including BDNF 7. Restrict Carbohydrate Intake (Sometimes) It reduces infalmmatory process in the body. 8. Omega 3 and other Supplements– These supplements may support healthy BDNF levels. Magnesium, zinc, niacin, L thiamine- found in green tea Cucurmin and Reveratol. Thus we see that mircle neuroprotein BDNF plays vital roll in boosting memory , enriching learning process , preventing dementia and improving overall physical and mental health. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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Jet Lag is the disturbance of sleep cycle due to change in the biorhytm of the body. This happens due to change in the environmental factors-time temperature and light levels. Flying into different time zones either shortens or lengthens the day for the traveller. Traveling eastward shortens and westward lengthens the day.Jet lag does not occur on north-south flights, since you don’t cross multiple time zones.

jet lag

Biorhytm or circadian cycle is controlled by the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands of the brain. Pineal body produces hormone known as melatonin, during dark. Serotonin is also converted in melatonin Your bodies melatonin level initiate, whether or not you are ready to sleep. During long flights with multiple changing time zones, this normal biorhthm is disturbed, producing the symptoms of Jet-lag. Symptoms of Jet Lag-They are more or less similar to hangover. Fatigue, drowsiness or tendency to sleep during the day and difficulty to sleep during new night. Impairment of memory and conscious level. unable to concentrate. Long flight also entails other health problems.Breathing dry and recycled air can cause dehydration, dry skin or headache. Siting for long hours can cause swollen feet and ankles. Sometimes it may cause blood clot in the blood vessel known as thrombosis. PREVENTION. A-Before traveling-.Have good night sleeps so that you may start your journey with fresh mood and body. Know the time zone of your destination country and also ,whether you’re traveling east or westwards. When travelling eastward adapt yourselves to new sleep time and go to bed an hour or two earlier.When travelling westward begin to adjust according to new time and start going to bed an hour or two later. Keep doing this for several nights. During Flight -Set your clock according to destination’s time zone,as soon as you board the plane. Begin to adjust your sleep and wake cycle according to the new country’s time. In this way you’ve already minimized jet-lag effect. If possible try to walk 5-10Mnts after every two hours flight.This will prevent swelling of foot and ankle and clot formation in the vein. Massage your ankle and calf with upward stroke. Rotate ankle in circles, tightening and relaxing the leg and calf muscles is good for maintaining the blood circulation.Move your neck back and forth and slowly rotate for few minutes . Prevent dehydration by taking plenty of water or fruit juices. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeinated drink. Carbonated drink may cause bloating. When arriving during the day time-Go outdoors immediately and remain their at least one hour. Bright light helps the body clock to adjust quickly. Go to sleep at the time of the country’s local timings. If you arrive at night-Go to bed at the time of that country local time, even if you don’t feel sleepy. To help sleeping, you may take Melatonin tablet 1-5 gms. So if you take recommended precautions and change in your routine a little bit ,Jet-lag will effect you minimally ,which can be easily dealt with. My best wishes to you readers with Happy journey, free of Jet lag. Satish Tripathi scri48

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Time and life and life and time both are synonym with each other.Time spend on this palnet is the life span of that person. It is a period between birth and death .So your time is limited on planet earth and your life is ephameral. Don’t take it granted.There is no guarantee that you’ll live upto your full life span ,of say 100 Years .You have to be very very careful to safeguard your life. There are so many killers in the journey of your life.Besides coronary heart disease, strokes and cancers are main killers .There are accidents-vehicular ,rail or plane, flood ,storm, tsunami ,terorist activities ,which can abruptly end your life. Intensely realize that time / life as most precious and limited commodity and your life string.

Your time is limited. Steve Jobs

Sir Burtrand Russel was Great philosopher and Nobel Laureate .He was visionary writer and covered every aspect of life.

Time and life compliment each other.You live only once with limited life span . Satish Tripathi sctri48

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Watch your thoughts because they’ll become your words. Watch your words because they’ll become your action. Watch your actions because they’ll become your fate. Then eventually  it’ll become your destiny. Popular Saying by Lao Tzu

Most of the time you’ve inner monologue going on during the waking hours. It seems very innocent, but this inner monologue has profound influence on your life .Now let’s see ,what kind of thoughts prevails in the mind of most of the people’s? 

  You are continuously feeding your subconscious mind with irrelevant and negative thoughts, which in terms, accepts it without any reasoning or filters.You start speaking, acting and behaving accordingly.This leads to conflict of mind and  of society, and makes you double mided .So be mindful in  counteracting negetive thougts then and there .Otherwise it would linger on in your mind and pollute the thought process.

Four types of negative thinking.  -According  to Mayo clinic there are four main types of it 1-Catastrophizing 2-Personalizing 3-Filtering 4-Polarizing. These are toxic thoughts which adversely effect Physical and mental health. It increases anxiety and disturbs your sleep pattern.  

Common negative thoughts –                                                                                                                  1- Why it happens to me only. 2-I can’t deal with it effectively  3-I’m very unlucky  4-I’ll never succed in life.  5-I’m not strong enough, rather feeble minded. 6-I’m not as smart as others. 7-Something bad is going to happen in my life. 8-I,ll not get very far in my life 9-I can’t,I’m always wrong 10-I’m not a likable person 11-I’ll never change. Like that many other negative thoughts haunt your mind. 

HOW TO PROTECT FROM TOXIC THOUGHTS.   One must protect himself from all these negative and toxic thinking by concious filters. Prevent it reaching to your subconscious  brain otherwise it’ll accept it as such. 1- You must pay particular attention to suggestions  coming from others. 2-Remember that a suggestion ,which is not accepted has absolutely  no effect in your mind. It seems very simple but a lot harder to do. 3- You must react quickly to any such toxic suggestions that you judge to be harmful. 

PRINCIPLE OF SUBSTITUTION -Substitute any negative suggestions  by positive and opposite affirmations. Like I Can do it. I’ll definitely succeed. So be on your guard and be guardian of your thoughts. Don’t forget you are what you think.Thought will be eventually form your destiny. 

Satish Tripathi  sctri48

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Altered conciousness is a state when conciousness status of the brain is changed. Let’s first explore what is Normal state of ConsciousnessNeurons in the different part of the brain fire in synchrony-and pool their knowledge-Synchronization is mediated by –neurochemical Dopamine (Pleasure/ Reward chemical)

Human brain is a massive network of interconnected neurons-Each part of network process particular information-some section deal with, emotions, sensory stimuli, some memory and language.


When dopamine level is normal-Emotional process area limbic system-resonate in synchrony with part of cortex, where, Memory, Thought and Perceptions are located.

When we focus on anything –Pay attention-Neurons in the brain starts firing faster and faster-So to be fully conscious, one has to pay attention-like focus of a torch. If less than 1/5th of second-loosed from memory

Consciousness changes from moment by moment, sometimes Peak experience and sometimes troughs-Fragmented.

Peak experience– Dopamine Serotonin flood the brain +Activity in the limbic system (emotional) and there is  hyper synchrony in the frontal cortex-Causing sense of Euphoria-Feeling of bliss, beauty and love   

Fragmented Consciousness .If Dopamine level falls –synchronization is loosed in different areas of brain fragmentation of synchrony occurs , result is Fear and anxiety.

Hyper-oxygenation-Taking rapid, short breathing-Sudarshan- Kriya- Stimulation of Respiratory center of the brain-Release of Neuropeptide Hormone –Induces Trance and Relaxation.

Hypo-oxygenation by  stimulation of Respiratory center-Dreamy, out of body experience ,death like experience.

Induced Altered Consciousness– Many Gurus, Spritual healers claim that they have created some sort of supernatural awakening among their deciples. But they only induce altered conciousness by either Drugs ,Dancing, or by various types of rituals .Chanting of mantra ,Meditation, Breathing , spiritual teaching cause secretion of feel-good neuro-transmitters in the brain.

Drugs Changes the neuronal activities of the brain.Cocain and amphetamines create a feeling of super smartness and confidance.Heroin and Ecstasy-create a feeling of facial glow and warmth.Cannabis distort the sensory perception, thereby creat repetitive activities. All these drugs are illegal, addictive and eventually produce burn-out of neurons.Which may lead to mood disorder or depression.

Dancing -creates repetitive rhythmic gesticulation of body and alters the conciouness. Dancers sometimes feel out of body experience -OBE . Satish Tripathi

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Myths word derives it’s name from Greek word Methos which has wide range of meaning. Myth has existed in every societies and culture and since they developed cognitive abilities.

Myths narrates about something ,or some story in a very unique and fantastic way without any factual basis. The word myth has become synonym with falsehood or misconception .

Mythology relates about the group of stories belonging to some specific religion and cultural traditions .It explains about the practices or belief of that society. Legends -These are traditional stories of various cultures, passed down through many generations.  They are stories orally described or a narrative of human actions. They are usually old but are believed to have taken place within human history. Legends are often passed on by word-of-mouth. It has often been transformed over the time to keep them realistic. Contains some facts ,which has been exaggerated in due course of time.Many weired and unbelieable elements added to i.It has some basis in history and geography.

EXAMPLE OF MYTH –A common myth is that if you watch a cat crossing the road ,its suposed to be anauspicious. Wait for some time till somebody or vehicle passes before you.Then you can move safely. This is a purely myth, as it is not based on any solid evidence. There is another, very common myth that No 13 is unlucky but it is lucky for me because my son was born on 13th January.


LEGEND EXAMPLES –  It’s related mostly about very famous and admired peoples or incidences in the past, by a lot of people ,are related to a certain time period and hence they are legends. Robin Hood , Ali Baba 40 thiefs ,Yeti etc,





Satish Tripathi sctri48

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POLLUTION is the greatest killer of present time .According to a data reported in 2019 total death by all pollutions sources was approx 90 lacs .Out of this 66.7 % premature deaths were reported by the air pollution only. So one can imagine the gravity of the air pollution. Harmful substances contaminate the environment, making it bad ,very bad and dangerous in term of its qulity. It is expressed as Air quality Index or AQI. Our atmosphere is the life blanket of the earth and when it is polluted our life is endangered.


TYPES OF POLLUTION There are mainly four types of pollutions. 1 Air pollution 2- water pollution 3- Noise pollution. 4- Land pollution.



HOW POLLUTIONS EFFECTS VARIOUS SYSTEMS – In lung it causes Asthma, Chronic bronchitis, poor lung functions and end process is respiratory failure. Cardiovascular disease ,which may trigger heart attacks,Cancer of the lung.It also effects the unborn babies adversely.

POLLUTION IS INVISIBLE KILLER -CAUSE OF LUNG CANCER STROKE AND HEART DISEASE.According to WHO report pollution is the cause of 36% Lung cancer ,34 % Strokes and 27% Heart diseases.

Vehicular pollution in Delhi
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Universe theories has gone through many changes and controversies. In fact some groups of religious people are still stuck at the theory of Ptolemy . –Ptolemy150 AD – Roman citizen lived in Egypt. He propounded the “ Geocentric” model of the universe.Means earth is the center of universe and all other planets are circling round it. 2-Nicolus Copernicus  1543, Polish Astronomer- He propounded ‘Heliocentric” model of the universe.Means sun is the center of universe and all other planets taking round of it.Thus solar system came into the existence. 3-Sir William Herschel  1805 was a German-born British astronomer – He established that Universe is a Galaxy- Milky way. He found the planet Uranus and its two moons. 4-Edwin P Hubble– An American-Known as father of the Modern cosmology .In the 1920s, Hubble made history by looking through a 100-inch telescope at Mount Wilson in Southern California-Milky Way galaxy was just one of the many galaxies in an ever-expanding universe

Planet in the solar system infographics flat style. Planets collection with sun, mercury, mars, earth, uranium, neptune, mars, pluto, venus. Children's educational vector illustration. Planet in the solar system infographics flat style. Planets collection with sun, mercury, mars, earth, uranium, neptune, mars, pluto, venus. Children's educational vector illustration solar system stock illustrations
Spiral Galaxy in deep spcae, 3D illustration Spiral Galaxy in deep spcae, 3D illustration galaxy stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Our position in the universe – You are such a tiny dot in this universe, that it does not even register you …anywhere.Universe hardly cares for anybody, whether he is in agony or enjoying;  Many mind boggling  things are happening in this universe ,You can”t stop it .                  -Millions of stars, comets, asteroids are moving around with different  speed. Some  asteroid may come and collide with our earth causing extensive damage. Or any star may burst and cause a huge black hole and send intense jet of radiation, causing loss of millions of life at once and rest during few week or months. Like one such incidence happened when an asteroid collided with the earth and all the dinosaurs were burned and charred . Life disappeared from this planet.

Hubble Space Telescope was the project of Edwin P Hubble ,which dramatically revolutionized our knowledge about the universe .It was launched on April 24, 1990,through the Space Shuttle Discovery. Located at about 547 km above Earth’s surface, where it completes 15 orbits per day — approximately one every 95 minutes .It is is still fully operation and sending unique ,informational images of the universe.

JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE. Recently launched James Webb Space ( telescope is the most powerful and biggest space telescope ever launched .It’s based on the( Webb Quick Facts ) on infrared resolution, which makes the final image much larger, sharper,clearer and vivid than its predecessor Hubble telescope . It has currently been setted at its final destination point Lagrange pont 2 -L2 point ,which is at a distance of nearly 1.6million Kms from the earth.It will explore the first galaxies that were formed very early in the universe just after the Big Bang.



So let us wait and watch ,what surprizes James Webb Space Telescope is going present before us, about the cosmos . Satish Tripathi sctri48

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PROMENADE-PONDICHEERY -TRAVEL IN MY MEMOIR If somebody asks me, I’ve very little time to spend in Pondicherry –where should I go? My answer would be, visit Promenade, where you can see maximum attractions in shortest possible time. Ambiance of Promenade will be a memorable experience”.                            I stayed in this city for two days. Both the days I came to Promenade, in the evening and enjoyed the charm and beauty of its ambiance. Sea side is studded with black stones, ending at a road of red gravel, bounded by stone. It’s a typical French pattern .Just one step below is walking lane, pitched by stones with sitting benches. We (me and my wife) took a stroll from the north side to south side.                                         We started our walk from the Gandhi Mandapam .The statue of Mahatma Gandhi whispered the message of Non-violence and communal harmony in my ear .We moved forward and reached near Lee Café restaurant –it was calling me and telling –come-come-take some rest here –I’ll satiate you with tasty mouth watering snacks and smart coffee.

                                                                                                                Before Le Café there are many small vendors selling Bhelpuri Chats and many other items on makeshift cart .It reminded me the Bhelpuri , Panipuri vendors of Juhu and Chaupatti of Mumbai .                                             

Then moved forward and reached near the Statue of Dupleix at the southern end –The statue was weeping on its shabby condition with iron rusted; motley spots on the pillars- Statue said “I’m Dupleix of France. Once upon a time I was Governor of this beautiful city. Many of its monuments and buildings are my contributions. Please, at least keep my statue clean”.                                                                                                     

             At extreme end there was a signboard – depicting please keep Pondicherry clean, but   lots of littering was there  .Rubbish was  thrown here and there. I became little sad because it’s very shameful for us   and those travelers throwing rubbish here and there .                                                                                         Then we descended little down and took rest on a black rock , enjoyed, watching, rising and falling sea waves, forming white foams, touching rocks. Cool breeze was refreshing our body and mind. Looking on the other side of the road, you get a glimpse of French War memorial, old light house ,statue of Ambedkar many Important Govt. buildings ,French quarter ,Tourist information centers , hotels and many more .

It’s a good thing on the part of the city administration that the road becomes no traffic zone for about two hours in the morning and between 6 Pm to 7.30 PM in the evening – Walking on sea side Promenade is really a  feast to the eyes as well as soothing to mind and body. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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