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VISUALIZATION SYMBOLIZES PROVISION: This method involves expressing ideas through pictures, charts, or animations. Visual imagery has proven to be an effective means of communicating both abstract and concrete ideas.  According to Wikipedia, these mental images will help you become more focused and proactive in your pursuits.  Visualization is an imaginative process to reach one’s goal or dream. It utilizes the power of the subconscious mind with conscious thoughts or goals to achieve the aim. The brain is filled with immense possibilities. It depends on how to exploit or fulfill desires and dreams.

Through visualization, images are created in the mind to achieve a target. Through this, one can look back in the memory lane or visualize the future outcome. We can divide it into pro-vision or past-vision. In pro-vision, we try to predict the future, whereas in post-vision, we evaluate past events.                              VISUALIZATION PROCESS                                                                    1. Choose a peaceful, undisturbing place and time. The best time is early in the morning, but alternatively, it could be any place where noise and disturbance are minimal.                                                      2. Imagining the goal to be achieved: step-by-step, visualize the whole process and recreate it in the mind, reaching the end point of success. Make the images and the whole process vivid and vibrant by applying all the senses and emotions.                                              3. Final Outcome:                                                                                Do it repeatedly till it is deeply ingrained in the mind. Then the path to success will be an automated process.

4-DATA VISUALIZATION                                                                                                         Data visualization is used for planning a project or the projected outcome of an event. All the data are presented in the form of charts, graphs, curves, or infographic forms. As in a cricket match, it could be short or instant. A projected outcome of the score is shown on the panel, considering the performance of the teams. One can watch the long-term outcome of a project with its probable profit or loss. All the important factors are taken into account.


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