Subconcious mind is the most powerful part of the human mind .It occupies more than 90 percent of mind’s sphere ,whereas our concious mind is only 5-10 percent . It can be compared with the floating Iceberg in the sea,whose only 5-10 percent part is above the water .Rest 90-95 percent is submerged.


Subconcious mind is quite different in its attribute ,from concious mind . Concious minds arena is only 10 percent. It controls will power ,short term memory, logical and critical thinking .It has some filters ,which questions about the authenticity of facts. Subconcious mind, In contrast it has vast domain of about 90 percent . Its works 24×7, Beliefs ,emotions values are stored in this part . Long term memory is stored in this part. Imagination and dreams are stored in it .It is very intuitive and gut-feeling or huch emnates from it . Uniqueness of subconcious Mind. Its greatest draw-back is that ,it accepts anything and everything without thinking or questioning. It’s like a mirror ,whatever is projected in it, is reflected back in the same way. It accepts positivity and negetivity both equally.You can use it for positive affirmation or can fill it with negetive self talk.


EXPLOITATION OF SUBCONCIOUS MIND . Subconcious mind accepts every thing and anything 24×7 .It never questions authenticity of any fact or gives own logic before accepting or storing in its long term memory store. So it is the most expoited and misguided lot also .Media and marketing peoples take advantage of it, to bypass logical and concious mind. A- Exploitation by Ads-Advertizements. Ads repeatedly and subnconciously fill your mind by fabricated facts abouts their product. Like its very useful ,very cheap ,its Organic ,herbal healthy ,Internationally accepted etc. B- Exploitation by Marketing Peoples – They make various types of strategies to allure the prospective buyer to purchase their products. They take the services of bloggers, you-tubers and affiliate marketing experts to impress the consumers ,to exploit their subconcious minds weaknesses. C- Media-Most of the time media tells half truth or manipulate the facts according to its own version. It repeatedly tries to projects the same/ half truth in the viewer’s subconcious mind. DEmotonal blackmailing of subconcious Mind. Creating some emotional scenes related to mother /father/brother /sister or images of God. Actors promoting the spurios and harmful products ,like Pan-Masala of tobaco.Telling its benign ,its pure ,like that. 4- Game of MRP– It’s big game to impress the consumer’s subconcious and concious minds. Say a product, whose actual cost is Rs2oo/- have MRP embedded on it Rs 2000/- It is displayed by middleman sellers Rs2000 is crossed and written Rs1000/- You save 50 percent. Purchaser is lured by it .In between profit is distributed as commision. 5-Game of big sale or clearance Sale– This game is also based on more or less same principle of manipulation of MRP. Here seller purchases apparels and other items in bulk , directly from the maufacturing factory. Factory clears many quality controll rejected products at the cost prize of raw material consumes. So the cost of per piece is hardly Rs.5/10 per item ,wheras MRP is put Rs500/-or more and sale price is put Rs.100/- Customer is tempted to purchase it . Seller is is also purchaser at other place – Sellar should keep in mind that he’ll also be purchaser at other place .

Confused Customer

My View-Beware– One should clearly understand the power and vulnerability of subconcious mind .Put questions and filters before taking any decision and logically analyse it. To end with as Carl Jung had said’ “ make Unconcious to concious .It will controll your life and you’ll call it Fate”. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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