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BRAIN-Your Supreme Asset 2-Wonder Chemicals of the Brain, neurotransmitters.

Brain is the your supreme commander, and Neurotransmitters are its wonder chemicals , responsible for mood changes. Sometimes you feel happy other-time sad, anxious, dejected or calm. Do you ever think why it is so ? It is because of … Continue reading

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Father of Evolutionary biology Charles Darwin had said, that although “It may dent to your esteem,but it is a hard fact that we have come from very lowly origin“. Genetics also confirms than 97 % DNA of of Gorilla and … Continue reading

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BRAIN-Your Supreme Asset-Amazing and Fascinating.

Brain is your supreme asset.Its amazing and fascinating to know about this most sophisticated but complex system of our planet. Nothing can match it’s awesome power and verstality. Brain is like hardware provided with default softwares by birth. It becomes … Continue reading

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For the transaction of cryptocurrencies you need Crypto wallet .It is very essential for buying, selling and trading of crypto-coins. It consists of software programs that store your public and private keys and can be connected with various blockchains so … Continue reading

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Learning-Unlearning-Relearning is the sign of Progressive man

In this modern world we are progressing forward by way of learning ,unlearning and relearning ,leaving old ways to reinvent or relearning . Alvin Toffler an American writer, futurist and businessman, known for his work-Modern Technologies including digital revolution and … Continue reading

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CRPTO-CURRENCY-2 Block-Chain-Technology.

Cryptocurrency Uses Block chain Technology. Major Crprocurrencies are 1-Bitcoin–BTC, first CC year of launching 2009 ,known as father of all CC. 2-Ehereum-ETH,year of launching 2015 3-Ripple-XRP, year of launching 2013 4-Dogecoin-DOGE, year of launching 2013 5-Binance-BNB,year of launching 2017 6-Monero-XMR, … Continue reading

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Happiness is the supreme gole of all human being , In this article I’m going to explore the nature of happiness. Is it a pure human emotion or a chemical phenomenon or emnates from spiritual domain ? Now what is … Continue reading

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Varanasi Ghats- World of Fantasy

If you have’nt seen the India ,you have,nt seen the world ,if you have,nt seen the Varanasi, you have,nt seen the India and if you have,nt seen the Ghats of Varanasi then you have,nt seen the Varanasi. Because it is … Continue reading

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Popularity of Crypocurrency is increasing day-by-day and growing with leaps and bounds in many countries. Even India,which had preveosly banned this currency is now, partially accepted it . It is itself going to introduce it’s own Crypto from the oncoming … Continue reading

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BELUR MATH MATH COMPLEX OF KOLKATA                                                                                                                                               Belur math is located at the west bank of the Hooghly river of Kolkata,is the head quarter of  Ram Krishna missions and its Maths ,of all over the world. This temple is dedicated … Continue reading

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