Father of Evolutionary biology Charles Darwin had said, that although “It may dent to your esteem,but it is a hard fact that we have come from very lowly origin“. Genetics also confirms than 97 % DNA of of Gorilla and that 98% of Chimp are same to same as Human .So we are 97% Gorilla and 98% Chimp and vice versa.


Because in our Genome ( DNA), we have genetic traces of those struggles, during the period of evolution, which proves that Bacteria ,Viruses, reptiles and Ape (our nearest) , all have been our distant encestors.

In some people it is expressed as Wolf-that is why we call- “a wolf in sheeps -skin“. In some, it is expressed as Chameleon( Garden Lizard/ Girgitan) character. So many of us change our color at different time. Some human and many of our politicians belong to this breed.

We have come from Hunter-gatherer societies of human. Nothing much has changed since then. This instinct has been modified in the same way in many humen.


Hunting for money, material, property and riches from others and gathering it beyond our need is more or less same thing. In a way animals and our encester Hunter-gatherer had been nobler than us ,because they hunted and gathered for immediate needs only. They did not hoard.

Animal violence modified in the form off speaking -ill,looting, rape murder.Savagery is the cruel animal insinct.

How we evolved into modern men- we came from the family Hominidae. It includes-Homo-habilis (Handy Man) ,Homo-erectus ( upright man, ) , Homo-Sapiens to our species-Modern man ,Homo-sapiens-Sapiens.

Triune Brain Theory-Coined by Paul Macleans-It is based on the theory that during evolution ,first reptilian brain developed in the form of brain-stem and then Mammalian brain evolved over it as limbic-brain and then latest modern human brain known as prefrontal lobe.Thus human nature is due cocktail of all these three brains.

Thus I can say that human are really a modified animal.Human brain sits atop the lizard and mammalian brain .That is why many times human act as animal , as we see in day-to-day life.This is my personal opnion, studying the various facts.However you ,yourself can judge, how far it is true. .sctri48 Satish Tripathi

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