BRAIN-Your Supreme Asset-Amazing and Fascinating.

Brain supreme asset amazing fascinating

The brain is your supreme asset. It’s amazing and fascinating to know about this most sophisticated but complex system of our planet. Nothing can match its awesome power and versatility.

The brain is like hardware provided with default software by birth. It becomes mind by software like learning, training nurture society and culture. It is the basis of your identity and existence.

Capture 13Brain – Your supreme asset


  1. Only 2% of body weight but consumes 20% of the body oxygen.

  2. The brain is 73% water so even a small amount of dehydration cause a negative effects on brain.

  3. Brain is mostly cholesterol as 25% of body cholesterol lies in the brain.

  4. There are 100 thousand million neurons in the brain.

  5. Brain cannot survive without oxygen even more than 5 Mnts – It starts dying afterward.

  6. No chemical factory in the world, can match the brain, as about 1 lacks chemical reactions per minute occur in your brain.

  7. Brain generates about 25-50 watts of electricity.

  8. Our brain increases about 95% at the age of 5 yrs and develops fully at the age of 18 Yrs.

  9. That about ½ of the brain can be removed by surgery without appreciable effect on our memory                                                                     10-Brain has no pain receptor so brain surgery can be done without pain.                                     11-Exercise is as good for your brain as for your body.                                                                            12 –Neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to reorganize and change itself throughout a person’s lifetime, is a truly remarkable thing.

————many more amazing and fascinating fact to be continued in the forthcoming parts .Keep watching . Satish Tripathi

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