Brain storming is a creative and collective way of problem solving. Here we make use of ideas of many persons ,each one providing answer in his own unique way.Every ideas are noted down ,however absurd ,it may look at first glance. This term was first coined and utilized by Alex Osborne in 1948 who defined its four main rules.1-Everything ,whichever comes in the mind can be expressed ,since nothing will be evaluated at the time. 2-The more ideas expressed ,the better would be solution 3- No idea is too exotic ,too bizarre or insignificant.4-Any combinations ,deviations and improvements on the idea presented ,will be acceptible.

BRAIN STORMING’S UNIQUE PRINCIPLE It is based on the principle that every one in this world is a gem , second to none very unique Personality.Every person from lower to higher ranks are invited to participate in this sesson.Each person ,whether,peon ,clerk ,assistant , section incharge ,head of the unit or CEO are considered as equal and single entitity. No body is superior and inferior ,here. All the ideas ,however absurd or incongruent ,it may seem, is respected and not criticised by anyone.

EVERY BODY THINKS IN HIS OWN UNIQUE WAY FOR THE SOLUTIONS OF THE KEY PROBLEM. Main idea behind this method is not to find only exact and right answer.There can be many answers to the same key problem but to unleash new ideas that has not be considered before.Every idea acts as and inquisitive to find new idea of same problem ,by the different members of that group. Most important criteria of this brain storming sesson is not to criticise any idea . All unique ideas are jotted down in a data base for the future reference in solving other or future problems.

BRAIN STORMING IS A WAY OF DIVERGENT THINKING In conventional Convergent thinking where thought procesess are focussed on main Key Point ,which is the basis of all intelligent test.Here team members dont focus on one point but in all the possible directions .So it is a process of divergent thinking. MIND MAPPING IS ALSO A TYPE OF BRAIN STORMING Brain mapping is also a type of brain storming, where we converge from the central Key idea to diverge in different directions. First 4-6 main subideas ,related to main key. Then subideas work as sub-keys , from which further diverge in different branches. We try to think in all the possible ways . Here all the possibilities are explored.


Brain storming has now become very popular and creative tool to find the solutions of many problems . It is widely implemented by many national and multinational companies.It’s a collective and creative effort ,where quantity gets superhand over quality. At the same time a data-base is prepared from the discussion for th future use. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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