PROMENADE-PONDICHEERY -TRAVEL IN MY MEMOIR If somebody asks me, I’ve very little time to spend in Pondicherry –where should I go? My answer would be, visit Promenade, where you can see maximum attractions in shortest possible time. Ambiance of Promenade will be a memorable experience”.                            I stayed in this city for two days. Both the days I came to Promenade, in the evening and enjoyed the charm and beauty of its ambiance. Sea side is studded with black stones, ending at a road of red gravel, bounded by stone. It’s a typical French pattern .Just one step below is walking lane, pitched by stones with sitting benches. We (me and my wife) took a stroll from the north side to south side.                                         We started our walk from the Gandhi Mandapam .The statue of Mahatma Gandhi whispered the message of Non-violence and communal harmony in my ear .We moved forward and reached near Lee Café restaurant –it was calling me and telling –come-come-take some rest here –I’ll satiate you with tasty mouth watering snacks and smart coffee.

                                                                                                                Before Le Café there are many small vendors selling Bhelpuri Chats and many other items on makeshift cart .It reminded me the Bhelpuri , Panipuri vendors of Juhu and Chaupatti of Mumbai .                                             

Then moved forward and reached near the Statue of Dupleix at the southern end –The statue was weeping on its shabby condition with iron rusted; motley spots on the pillars- Statue said “I’m Dupleix of France. Once upon a time I was Governor of this beautiful city. Many of its monuments and buildings are my contributions. Please, at least keep my statue clean”.                                                                                                     

             At extreme end there was a signboard – depicting please keep Pondicherry clean, but   lots of littering was there  .Rubbish was  thrown here and there. I became little sad because it’s very shameful for us   and those travelers throwing rubbish here and there .                                                                                         Then we descended little down and took rest on a black rock , enjoyed, watching, rising and falling sea waves, forming white foams, touching rocks. Cool breeze was refreshing our body and mind. Looking on the other side of the road, you get a glimpse of French War memorial, old light house ,statue of Ambedkar many Important Govt. buildings ,French quarter ,Tourist information centers , hotels and many more .

It’s a good thing on the part of the city administration that the road becomes no traffic zone for about two hours in the morning and between 6 Pm to 7.30 PM in the evening – Walking on sea side Promenade is really a  feast to the eyes as well as soothing to mind and body. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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