Men and women use different parts of the brain to handle the same task.

-Mens Mind Vs womens Mind is a debatable topic but I want to empahsize that there are some evident differances between them . Men use different parts of the brain to handle the same task. Woman’s brain is 10% smaller than a man’s brain, according to overall brain volume. However, it does not affect the levels of her intelligence. With age, the male brain shrinks faster than the female. Women are more capable of managing multiple tasks, flowing simultaneously, while men tend to get irritated when they have to do several things at the same time.

Women are Multitaskers– They are more capable of managing multiple tasks, flowing simultaneously, while men tend to get irritated when they have to do several things at the same time.

Men are faster to absorb informations, so they are more responsive. Women tend to remember all the details, while men usually keep the main point in mind. That is why they talk and know each and every nuiances of the incidents.

Similarly, a male driver remembers the numeric value of the distance, while a woman driver usually remembers different road signs and shop windows.

Speciality of Womens Brain-Shopping lobe, Gossip lobe , Mystry mood /Changing Moods are speciality of the female brain.They also have Fantasy and Chocolate areas in their brain.

Speciality of Mens Brain-They think differently . Sex or sex related talks are predominant in their thought ,about three times more then women.It is mainly because of sex hormone testestosterone effecting their thought process.They think more about Jobs, sports ,Beer / wine and political activities.

Point of Conflicts-These diffences in the thinking process becomes the point of conflicts. Each one thinks that he/she is right. It needs empathy and understanding about each other to reslove the problem and live with ahrmony.

Men tend to be more analytic and, therefore, excel at exact sciences, and women have higher empathy and are thus better at social sciences.

Men and women respond differently to harsh and irritating sounds.

Women tend to be more talkative– The pleasure center of the female brain could have to do with their sociability. So, in general, conversation brings more pleasure to women. Women seem to use nearly three times as many words a day as men do. (leaving aside introverted women)

When a loved one hugs a woman, it improves her happiness and self-confidence.

Men and women have a different perception of humor.-Men are more focused on a funny outcome of a story or a show, while women are more likely to enjoy the subtleties of humor and the used language.

Women are, by nature, more sociable as they find social interaction more rewarding, as we have said above. At the same time, men are more aggressively competitive. That is why men are more likely to engage in a fight. For the same reason, women may get irritated by the fact that men refuse to support long conversations with them.

The male ear is weaker than its female counterpart. That is why women can hear subtle intonations and men – not always so. Also, in terms of tactile perception, men lose.Women tend to have more fully developed organizational skills. Female brains heat up more, as more glucose is “burnt

Men are more Logical ,while women are more Intuitve– Men perceive speech with logic so that they hear exactly what is said, while women use their intuition and emotion. This helps women easier see hints and hidden meanings behind other people’s words . Satish Tripathi sctri48

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