ALFRED NOBEL-Founder of most prestigious Nobel prize but his Quality of life was not so noble.

Alfred B Nobel was Swedish chemist engineer , great inventer and businessman. He devoted most part of his life in the invention of explosives. He was inventer of Dynamite and explosive devices called Blasting Cap ,blasting gelatin, which led its use in the modern day sofisticated explosives.

Alfred Noble
Alfred B Nobel

What did Alfred Nobel say before he died “The merchant of death is dead,”. In fact he became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than even before. So how can his work be said noble?

At the time of his death, he had vast empire of his business, consisting of more than 90 factories manufacturing explosives and ammunition. He had deposited his will in a bank in Stockholm in which he wished to put bulk of his money in a trust for the award of Noble prizes.

Alfred Nobel

It was due to his regret and repentment that Nobel Prize was founded . He wished that his money should be awarded for the benefit of mankind in the field of Physics ,Chemistry,Physiology or medicine, literature and peace. There was many evidence, suggesting that his friendship with Austrian Bertha von Suttner inspired him to establish the prize for peace.

Nobel’s Quality of life and health -Although Noble was one of the richest person ,but his quality of life was not so rich. He suffered lot of health problems. Most of his time was spent in his chemical labs experimenting with explosives. His sleep and diet was improper and irregular. Very often he use to sleep in his lab and ate only after finishing his work. His work had it’s own side effects, as he was inhaling lots of hazardous fumes. He had periods if headaches, cough, bronchitis and breathing problems. At times he had attacks of depression also. Nobel’s love life -With lots of traveling and his busy work schedule, he started feeling lonely at the age of 40 . He employed one of the most intelligent and beautiful Austrian lady Bertha Von Suttner as his secretary . Was very much impressed by her and wanted to marry her ,but she left him to marry someone else. Even then both of them maintained their friendship till his death. Nobel instituted Peace prize only after her suggestion.

Bertha Von Suttner
Bertha Von Suttner

After Bertha’s departure ,Nobel was lonely once again. He came in contact with a beautiful young flower seller, whom he met in a shop.He started companionship with Sofie Hess, who was only 20 then and Alfred was 43 yrs. She was poorly educated so Nobel started educating her to make her a lady. In the process he use to criticise her all the time for her manners. How can such companionship can last longer. She also left him for good.

Sofie Hess Companion of Alfred Nobel who left him

My view -Although Nobel Prize, founded by Alfred B Nobel is the most prestigious prize of the world. People round the world long for it, but in view of the above facts ,it’s not my ideal one. Firstly prize money was earned from the sale of explosives used for killing the people and converting the cities into ruins. Russia Ukrane war is the burning example of it. Secondly Nobel neglected his health (which is the real wealth) and pursued after material wealth only. His love-life was total failure. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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