Altered conciousness

Altered consciousness is a state in which the consciousness status of the brain is changed. Let’s first explore the Normal state of ConsciousnessNeurons in the different parts of the brain fire in synchrony and pool their knowledge-Synchronization is mediated by –the neurochemical Dopamine (Pleasure/ Reward chemical). Altered conciousness is due to the break in this process of synchronization.

The human brain is a massive network of interconnected neurons part of the network processes particular information section that deals with, emotions, sensory stimuli, some memory, and language.


When dopamine levels are in the emotional process area limbic system is in synchrony with part of the cortex, where, Memory, Thoughts, and Perceptions are located.

When we focus on anything –Pay attention- neurons in the brain start firing faster and faster to be fully conscious, one has to pay attention and focus on a torch. If less than 1/5th of second-loosed from memory

Consciousness changes from moment to moment, sometimes Peak experience and sometimes troughs-fragmented.

Peak experience– Dopamine Serotonin floods the brain and +Activity in the limbic system (emotional) and there is  hyper synchrony in the frontal causing a sense of Feeling of bliss, beauty, and love .  

Fragmented Consciousness. If the Dopamine level falls –synchronization is lost in different areas of the brain fragmentation of synchrony occurs, result is Fear and anxiety.It is due to altered consciousness

Hyper-oxygenation-Taking rapid, short breathing- Kriya- Stimulation of the Respiratory center of the brain-Release of Neuropeptide Hormone –Induces Trance and Relaxation.

Hypo-oxygenation by stimulation of the Respiratory center- Dreamy, out-of-body experience, death-like experience.

Induced Altered Consciousness– Many Gurus, and Spiritual healers claim that they have created some sort of supernatural awakening among their disciples. But they only induce altered consciousness by either Drugs, Dancing, or by various types of rituals. Chanting of mantras, Meditation, Breathing, and spiritual teaching causes the secretion of feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain.

Drugs Change the neuronal activities of the brain. Cocaine and amphetamines create a feeling of super smartness and confidence. Heroin and Ecstasy create a feeling of facial glow and warmth. Cannabis distort the sensory perception, thereby creating repetitive activities. All these drugs are illegal, addictive, and eventually produce burn-out of neurons. Which may lead to mood disorder or depression.


Dancing -creates repetitive rhythmic gesticulation of the body and alters the consciousness. Dancers sometimes feel out of body experience -OBE.                                                                                  Satish Tripathi



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