ALLERGY is disliking and reaction of your body towards some substances .It means that a paticular substance which is unharmful to many peoples may be harmful to you or rejected by your system .There is no uniform code of it .Every body has his own specific and different kind of allergy. Something may be suitable to one person , but same thing may cause allergy to other one. About 10 % population of the world are suffering from one or other kind of allergy.

Definition– Allergy is an harmful immune response to normally harmless substances. It is caused by a trigger agent or allergen known as antigen . Person’s immune system may react to the substances which are generally harmless to most of the peoples at large .

Allergens are substances,which can sensitize the body in such a way that a unique unusual response occurs in hypersenstive persons. RESPONSE TO ALLERGENS -Body may react to it externally, like sneezing, coughing or rashes on the body. It may effect internally – causing hypersensitive reaction of Respiratory system in the form of cough and asthmatic attacks ,Gastro-intestinal system -As nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea or colicy pain. Vascular systemas anaphylactic shock and collapse.


EFFECT OF INHALED ALLERGENS like pollen and other air born substances.

These allergens release histamine ,which cause swelling of the mucous lining of the nose to produce more mucus and inflammation. It also causes the nose to run and itch, with violent sneezing .Eyes may start watering .One may develop sore throat also. Asthmatic attacks may be triggered . 

EFFECT OF INGESTED ALLERGENS May be milk eggs or sea-foods ,wheat gluten ,some nuts etc

Common foods causing allergy are, peanuts, seafood, milk and eggs. Cow’s milk allergy in infants may occur , may cause eczema, , colic and gastric upset. Some people cannot digest lactose (milk sugar). Lactose intolerance causes Gastric upsets.


Skin problems that can be triggered by allergy include atopic dermatitis (eczema) and urticaria (hives), Rossy spots ,oedema etc.

SEASONAL ALLERGY -Every season can be a allergy season for someone ,depending upon which one you are allergic to . In fact most of the people including myself are allergic to cold and damp weather.These peoples get bouts of allergic bronchitis ,shore throat or running of nose .


‘I’m allergic to my husband’ – BBC News Jan-2017 — ‘I’m allergic to my husband‘ … Twenty-nine-year-old Johanna Watkins from Minnesota cannot kiss her husband Scott, or even spend time in the same room. . It was a case of mast cell activation syndrome ,where mast cells which are protective to the body ,mutate and start attacking own body cells. It may result in sneezing ,coughing or life threatening anaphylactic shock. Similar was , another case in which wife was allergic to the sweat of her husband.When her husband hugged her and sweated she ,started sneezing coughing and body rashes.

Allergy is a widespread hypersensitive phenomenon,triggered by some allergen.There is no uniform code regarding this. In fact ,anybody may be allergic to anything, which is otherwise unharmful to others. Allergic reactions may be very mild to sever, life-threatening ,anaphylactic shock and death. So please be careful and try to find allergens to your body and avoid it or take proper precautionary measures. Satish Tripathi sctri48

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