Intelligencies are not single but multiple. Everyone in this world is unique, and so are a gem and second to none. It’s because of his Natural genetic make-up and Nurture-the way he was brought up and trained. Similarly, intelligencies are multiple. When we talk of intelligence, we usually define it in terms of the intelligence quotient. The person who has the highest number in the IQ test is called the most intelligent. But the intelligences are not only a single type. They are multiple. Some people are good at writing, some at speaking, some at sports, and some are apt at singing or playing instruments Howard Gardner first outlined his theory in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, he suggested that all people have different kinds of “intelligence.”. According to Howard Gardner a Harvard psychologist, There are not single but at least eight types of intelligencies.


1-Linguistic-Finding the correct word to express -This type of intelligence is usually found in poets, writers, or Bloggers. 2-Logical Mathematical- People who are strong in logical-mathematical intelligence are good at reasoning, recognizing patterns, and logically analyzing problems. These individuals tend to think well in numbers, and patterns. Mathematicians, scientists, and computer programmers belong to this category of intelligence. 3- Phisio-kinesthetic type mind and body coordination are perfect. Players of different categories, gymnasts Jugglers, and circus artists belong to this category. 4-Interpersonally Intelligent -They are very good at understanding and interacting with other people. They can easily assess the motivations, desires emotions, and intentions of people around them. If one is strong in interpersonal intelligence, good career choices for him are: Psychologist Philosopher Counselor Salesperson Politicians 5-Musical intelligence- People who have strong musical intelligence are good at thinking in patterns, rhythms, and sounds. They can decipher the type of music and are often good at musical composition and performance. Of course, singing and playing instruments are the natural choice. 6- Intrapersonal Intelligence– Their understanding lies in self and others’ emotional intelligence, They create healthy relationships and are good mediators and problem-solvers. 7-Spacial intelligence- These people are apt in visual and spatial judgment. They are good navigators,  drivers, and puzzle solvers. 8-Naturalistic Intelligence- People endowed with this intelligence are nature lovers, They enjoy camping, gardening hiking, Biologists, zoologists, nature photographers, and nature explorers belong to this group. Besides there are some more intelligencies like Existential, Enterpreneural like that.


MOOT POINT/ POINT OF DISCUSSION – Many people don’t agree with Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. They believe that IQ tests are intended to provide a measure of broad general ability, as well as some of the specific ones. Howard Gardner disagrees with this idea of general intelligence. He thought that IQ tests actually measure only narrow academic skills and also denied that there is a single general ability. He argued that there are separate areas of ability that deserve to be called “intelligence”. I BELIEVE – In Gardner’s theory of Multiple intelligencies and want to add that everyone is gifted by his/her Nature (Genetic configuration) with one two three or many intelligencies and has a basic edge over others. If he develops it, he can pick up faster and become more apt in these, than others. But at the same time, Nurture or Training has a big role. Our brain is highly malleable and neuroplastic. It can pick up any talent or intelligence by sheer learning and training.

To conclude- intelligencies are not single but are multiple. They depend upon a person’s genetic make-up, which we can level as gifted or God-gifted talents and the way he was brought up and received training. Understanding one’s inborn intelligence, one can choose his/her domain of working dimension.                                       Satish Tripathi

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