Perception to Concept are the phenomenon of our mind by which we experience the virtual reality of this world. Sight, sound, smell and tastes are sensory systems, which inform the mind to form it’s concept. Conscious perception of this outer world is created in the brain by means of Bottom-up and Top-down processing. The databases formed in the different part of the brain add meaning to our perception at every step. Final conception about that particular experience is very unique and different for each person.This uniqueness depends upon the nature, nurture society and culture in whch that person that person had lived

Two way processingBottom-up and Top-down are the phenomenon which creat everyone’s own reality about this world. Let us examine how this process occurs in our mind. Visual information picked up by the eyes are sent to the area of the brain at the back of the opposite hemisphere ,that is occipital lobe of the brain. From here Bottom-up process begins and perceptual informations travels upward . At the same time Top-Down process starts from the frontal lobe of the brain. Conceptual informations ( memories, expectation and others clues stored in the databases}, travels backward from the frontal lobe of the brain. It goes on adding meaning and informations at each step. Limbic system adds informations related to emotion attached with that information.Thus it integrates the perception into the conceptual frame-work. Final integrated Concept is unique and very different for every individual.

Brain 7 1

Gibson believes that only Bottom up process is sufficient for the final concepttion.According to him a pattern of light that reaches the eyes, the optic array. Contains all the information necessary to understand it. His theory translates to “what you see is what you get.” Because all the information ,you get is enough to help you survive in any environment around you. Direction Perception – makes Direction conception. No intermediate database is required

Psychologist Richard Gregory (1970) His view was that perception is a constructive process which relies on top-down processing. —Information from our environment is perplexing to interpret it. For this is needed, higher cognitive information either from past experiences or stored knowledge in order to makes inferences about what we perceive.

MY VIEW-We see, that in daily life every body has different conception about the same thing or person. Suppose a person has cheated someone ,helped someone and had quarrel with other. In this case person is same for everyone (Perception about the person) but everybody has different concept about him. For one he will be cheater , somone will call him a good person and other person may call him a goon ,because he intimidated him.

Perception to Conception
Percption to Conception

It was because everyone’s stored database in the brain has different information about him.Thus we can infer that during the Top-down process ,different meanings were addeded at the incoming bottom-up information to complete their final conceptual experience . Satish Tripathi sctri48

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