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We all have choice and control over our eating habits .We like something or have aversion for other, but do we really know that food also have their choice to select our body and say that I like this person and not like someone. And if you eat me I’ll cause all sort of havoc in your body and make you ill. I’m not joking, but telling the hard fact.  

You see 99.9 % of genetic material- DNA are same to same amongst all human beings. Only .1 % variation in the genetic constitution makes every one, a very different and unique individual .It makes differences in our size, shape ,color, habit and intelligence. At the same time it makes us different from our diet and nutrition prospective.                                                                                                                   The  science which is newer and deals it is known as Nutrigenomics.-According to Raymond Rodriguez, The Director  Centre for Nutrition Genomics ,University of California-Genetic variations in our genomic constitutions effects the way our bodies assimilate the nutrient, metabolize, store and excrete in our body.                                                                                                                                         Normally it is supposed that when we take some food or nutrient ,It digest, produce energy .some of it  is stored and rest are excreted through our excretory  system. But according to Nutrigenomics its not so simple.

Nutrients also produce a ligands, which combine with the genetic protein and in response they turn on either disease -fighting gene or disease-causing genes.

Now the ligands produced by some nutrients may turn on disease-fighting Gene in someone and at the same nutrient may turn on diseases or cancer-causing  gene in others. Some nutrients are common to all. – So by determining which nutrients are not suitable to my gene, we can prevent some chronic diseases and cancers. 

There are labs which do DNA profiling for the harmful and beneficial diet. A consumer Genomics lab in California  does this for 100 dollar .They send a report with a uniquely tailored diet, determined by the genetic signature ,which suits to your body with instructions to avoid Disease of Cancer causing nutrients.  Satish Tripathi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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