Radiation is an energy transmission that has electric-magnetic waves.We are all exposed to radiation in our day-to-day lives. Examples are the sun, emitting ultraviolet rays infrared, and microwave ovens. Mobile, transmission tower, and background radiation, or cosmic rays (X-rays and Gama-rays). Radiation risk depends on its wave length and penetrability. The broader the waves, the lesser their penetration. Smaller waves have more power and penetrate deeper.                          TYPES OF Radiation It is mainly divided into two parts.                                                                           1: non-ionizing radiation, which is lower-energy radiation with not enough power to separate electrons from any atoms or molecules in matter or living organisms. Its energy can make the molecules vibrate and produce heat, like in microwave ovens.                       2: Ionizing radiation carries more energy than non-ionizing radiation, and it can ionize the atoms and molecules and break their bonding. It can detach electrons from atoms or molecules, which causes changes at the atomic level. Such changes usually involve the production of ions. That is why it is called ionizing radiation.


Radiation from Mobile Mobile has now become part and parcel of everyone’s life. It is now one’s identity and means of communication, bank, entertainment, diary, and what not. Be aware that it is also a continuous source of radiation. Although it is very low-grade radiation,. Although mobile’s short-term use is insignificant,. But it’s long-term use has cummulative effects and is definitely harmful to the body. The harmful effects of mobile radiation are. Headache, stress, fatigue, disturbed sleep, insomnia, compromised immunity, memory loss, fertility problems. Higher doses may cause mental problems and even cancer.

Test your mobile’s radiation level by dialing *#07#. It’ll tell you the SAR/mobile radiation value. 1.6 W/kg is the maximum threshold value of the radiation level. It should be below 1.6 watts/kg. If it’s more than that, change your mobile phone or take the necessary steps.

In high doses, ionizing radiation can damage or kill cells, cause mutations in the organs in the body, or even cause death. This kind of radiation has many beneficial uses, such as in energy production, in industry, in research, and in medical diagnostics and treatment of various diseases, such as cancer.

Radiation Dose Limit


  • 1: In the Medical Field Used extensively as diagnostic tools, such as X-rays of the body parts, CT scans, radioisotope studies, and PET scans. Therapeutic uses include treating cancer. Thanks to radiation,                                   2- For Production of power, – By Nuclear power plants Energy: radiation allows us to produce electricity as nuclear energy.                 3: Industry and ScienceIndustry and science: With nuclear techniques based on radiation, scientists can examine objects from the past or produce materials with superior characteristics in, for instance, the car industry. uses                                                                              4: In packaging, syringes and surgical materials like catheters are directly sterilized after packing by high-dose radiation.                    5:- In the food processing industry, to irradiate packaged food materials, fruits, and vegetables to prevent them from infection and rotting.                                                                     Radiation is thus a two-way sword. What a paradox! It can both cause and treat cancer. What is the danger of high doses of radiation?

  • What are the worst side effects of radiation?                  Common Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

    • Hair loss.

    • Appetite changes.

    • Mouth and throat changes.

    • Trouble swallowing.

    • Swelling.

    • Coughing.

    • Diarrhea.

    • Nausea and vomiting.                                            What is the effect of high doses of radiation?                                                            A very high level of radiation exposure delivered over a short period of time can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting within hours and can sometimes result in death over the following days or weeks. This is known as acute radiation syndrome, also known colloquially as “radiation sickness.”                    Satish Tripathi sctri48



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