Watch your thoughts because they’ll become your words. Watch your words because they’ll become your action. Watch your actions because they’ll become your fate. Then eventually  it’ll become your destiny. Popular Saying by Lao Tzu

Most of the time you’ve inner monologue going on during the waking hours. It seems very innocent, but this inner monologue has profound influence on your life .Now let’s see ,what kind of thoughts prevails in the mind of most of the people’s? 

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  You are continuously feeding your subconscious mind with irrelevant and negative thoughts, which in terms, accepts it without any reasoning or filters.You start speaking, acting and behaving accordingly.This leads to conflict of mind and  of society, and makes you double mided .So be mindful in  counteracting negetive thougts then and there .Otherwise it would linger on in your mind and pollute the thought process.

Four types of negative thinking.  -According  to Mayo clinic there are four main types of it 1-Catastrophizing 2-Personalizing 3-Filtering 4-Polarizing. These are toxic thoughts which adversely effect Physical and mental health. It increases anxiety and disturbs your sleep pattern.  

Common negative thoughts –                                                                                                                  1- Why it happens to me only. 2-I can’t deal with it effectively  3-I’m very unlucky  4-I’ll never succed in life.  5-I’m not strong enough, rather feeble minded. 6-I’m not as smart as others. 7-Something bad is going to happen in my life. 8-I,ll not get very far in my life 9-I can’t,I’m always wrong 10-I’m not a likable person 11-I’ll never change. Like that many other negative thoughts haunt your mind. 

HOW TO PROTECT FROM TOXIC THOUGHTS.   One must protect himself from all these negative and toxic thinking by concious filters. Prevent it reaching to your subconscious  brain otherwise it’ll accept it as such. 1- You must pay particular attention to suggestions  coming from others. 2-Remember that a suggestion ,which is not accepted has absolutely  no effect in your mind. It seems very simple but a lot harder to do. 3- You must react quickly to any such toxic suggestions that you judge to be harmful. 

PRINCIPLE OF SUBSTITUTION -Substitute any negative suggestions  by positive and opposite affirmations. Like I Can do it. I’ll definitely succeed. So be on your guard and be guardian of your thoughts. Don’t forget you are what you think.Thought will be eventually form your destiny. 

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