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Our body is very unique and is a congregation of different types of cells approximately 30 trillion cells.These cells form the basis of the existance of our body. . Four main types of cells in the human body are 1-epithelial cell 2-Nerve cells 3-muscles cells 4- connective tissue cells,beside other cells. . Each cell has three main parts. Cell membrane, the nucleus and in between two the cytoplasm. Central part of the cell is Nucleus, consisting of genetic material DNA-Deoxy-nucleic-acid forming double helix structure consisting of Gene. . In the genes are written the recipe for performing all the functions of the body by the base letters ACGT -Adenine, Cytocine, Guaninine Tyrosine. These are called nucleotide.

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Cell-Nucleus-Chromosome -DNA-Gene-Nucleotide-ACGT

Genes are the blueprint of all our bodily funtions-which are performed by forming particular type of protein.

WHAT GENE CAN TELL US. .1-Our physical appearance, body and eye’s colour. 2-Our temperament 3-Introvert or extrovert nature. 4-Types intelligensies (they are more than 6 types) 5-Motivated or reluctant to initiate type. 6-Reticent or Talktive. 7-Sexual Orientation types-(Hetro-Homo-Lesbian or Gay ,because they are not perverted behaviour, but because of particular genetic pattern in the Chromosome. . Satish Tripathi sctri48 sctri48@gmail.com

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